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  • ​​​Purpose and Potential – Each client has a purpose in life, the potential to develop and contribute, and is worthy of achieving a positive quality of life.

  • Dignity and Respect – Each client is an individual and will be treated as such with dignity, acceptance and respect, which will help foster positive relationships.

  • Opinion and Choice – Each client has the right to be heard, included and to have their views, opinions or choices listened to.

  • Community Inclusion – Each client has the right to contribute to their community, engage in recreational or community opportunities and to celebrate their potential and citizenship.

  • Culture of Learning and Growth – Oakdale will foster a culture that supports and encourages personal growth and development. 

Prior to admittance to Oakdale, the individual is assessed by the team to determine the current needs of the client within the parameters of their diagnosis.  Long and short term goals are then discussed and documented.  The progress of each client is monitored in bi-weekly conferences with the Director and staff.  In our meetings, we discuss the client’s general behaviour, emotional and social development, progress in life skills development, and then summarize their strengths and areas for potential growth in order to maintain their individual developmental program and re-evaluate each client’s level of functioning.

A Plan of Care (POC)/Individual Support Plan (ISP) is developed by the Oakdale team, guardians, and client within the first 30 days and is re-evaluated according to CYFSA standards.

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Oakdale Child and Family Service Inc. provides long and short-term care in residential program facilities registered under the Child and Youth Family Services Act 2017 and/or the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act. We stress the training of functional skills that can be generalized to the home and community environment.

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Head Office - Toronto

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Barrie - Office

1198 St Vincent St 
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