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Since 1973, Oakdale Child and Family Service Inc. has provided a safe, nurturing environment, where all clients feel safe, valued and respected.  The residential programs offer all individuals an opportunity for recreational and community experience in a supported training environment which is highly structured and consistent.

All clients are encouraged to actively participate and contribute to their community through religious expression, cultural heritage, volunteerism, leisure activities, employment options, as well as in other ways.  This helps to develop and foster positive relationships within the community and provides each individual with a sense of self-worth, an opportunity for growth, acceptance and promotes the achievement of individual choice, dreams, visions and aspirations.

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Oakdale provides residential care for children, youth and adults with unique and complex needs. The complex needs of our clients includes but not limited to: ASD, FASD, neurobiological and developmental disabilities, and dually diagnosis. We believe in facilitating a program that is tailored to each of our clients needs, developing a plan of care that will create a positive and progressive impact.

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Since our inception as long and short term treatment homes for individuals with special needs, we have committed ourselves to provide clients with the opportunity to grow and develop in a warm and caring environment. Over the years, we have acquired very caring people who each in his or her own way have made valuable contributions towards growth and development. In essence, we are a community of people committed to providing a quality standard of care.

To implement our philosophy of care, each individual at Oakdale must understand the role he or she must play to effectively and consistently deliver a quality standard of care.

Oakdale is a founding member of OARTY (Ontario Association of Residences Treating Youth) and as such is involved in various committees with the Ministry, Children's Aid Societies, School Boards, etc., to ensure that the needs of the mentally challenged population are met and enhanced.

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Oakdale Child and Family Service is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities following The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Click Here for a copy of our Accessible Customer Service Plan.

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