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At Oakdale, a core goal is for our clients  to develop the skills necessary to be able to involve themselves into the communities they reside in. We strive to provide the best opportunities to our clients in order that they feel the inclusion which is one of their rights. These opportunities can include life skills development, day program activities, community events and many other exciting experiences vital to social skill development. Community integration is a key to the clients individual growth and development. With individually designed Plan of Cares (POC/ISP) these growths are carefully evaluated.
Exploring the unique interests of the individuals we serve helps to foster a positive community minded person.



We believe that a hands on experience is one of the best for growth and to reach our clients goals. This is the inspiration behind our Day Program. The Day Program is for clients that are transitional aged youth (TAY). We encourage our participants to go out into the world, explore and enjoy. Our programs are developed with all backgrounds and skill sets in mind, providing the perfect platform to connect, learn and grow.
The day program is offered Monday - Friday for the clients to attend that don't participate in school/jobs/volunteer work. Daily trips out in the community are offered, encouragement and supports are given to be an active member in the community with emphasis on future job building skills as well as developing independent behaviour management techniques in hopes for future independence.



Clients have access to a Psychiatrist in order to monitor their current medication. The psychiatrist will further provide case consultations on an as needed basis, provide one to one counselling for those requesting, provide ad hoc consultation for emergency or escalated situations, and complete forms and required documentation as needed for services related to the needs of residents. Oakdale provides scheduling, transportation, and ongoing communications with the clients psychiatrist to track and enhance the current Plan of Care.



Oakdale works with a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) to provide and oversee the development and implementation of an annual Care Plan and treatment strategies. A Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) is created to target specified behaviours. Program staff are trained to support the BSP  and Oakdale continues to work directly with the behaviour specialist to ensure proper implementation of the behavioural support plan, collecting data, and consulting with the BCBA if any updates are required.

Community Garden


The Occupational Therapist will provide an annual assessment for all residents in the home. Upon admission of a new resident, the Occupational Therapist will make recommendations and follow-up to ensure recommendations are being implemented appropriately



The Recreational Therapist will work to establish physical activities that will enhance mobility coordination and ultimately functional independence for the residents in the home. The Recreation Therapist is also available to work with staff, family, educators, and community persons to help them gain a greater knowledge of the person’s physical needs and limitations and scale activities to provide inclusive participation. The recreational therapist provides on-going support, assessing and advising on how to modify activities to create success.

Auditory Training


Ralph Bache, the Director of the Barrie, Ontario program, received his certificate from Dr. Guy Berard in auditory training. Benefits of this treatment may be improvement in areas of attention span and auditory stimuli, increase in appropriate social behaviors, reduction in echolalia, hypersensitivity to sounds, aggression, self abuse and self stimulation.

What We Offer: Programs

Oakdale works to provide all types of additional services that will benefit our clients developmental, educational, behavioural, emotional, medical, therapeutic and/or safety needs.

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